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Windows 10

eBay for Everyone
  • Babani Number: BP768
  • Author: Noel Kantaris
  • Price: £7.99
  • ISBN: 978 0 85934 768 6
  • 96 pages
  • Published: 18 Jan 2017

After its first year in general use Microsoft’s Windows 10 has now had a major make-over known as the ‘Anniversary’ update. Over this first year Microsoft has received feedback from hundreds of thousands of initial users and has incorporated their comments and suggestions, likes and dislikes into the new Anniversary update so making Windows 10 a better, more usable and friendly product. The ‘Anniversary’ update is available free to download.

This book is a companion volume to Windows 10 Explained (9780859347570) by Noel Kantaris. It does not cover the same material unless it has been altered considera-bly. It concentrates on exploring and explaining important new or modified features.

Among the many topics covered are:

  • Installing the upgrade
  • New Windows menus
  • What is new in Cortana
  • Taskbar and System Tray
  • File Explorer and OneDrive
  • Edge Browser
  • And more besides...


Social Networking
Facebook and Twitter
for the
Older Generation

eBay for Everyone
  • Babani Number: BP764
  • Author: Jim Gatenby
  • Price: £9.99
  • ISBN: 978 0 85934 764 8
  • 192 pages
  • Published: January 2017

The two most popular Social Networking websites are Facebook and Twitter. They are now easily accessible on desktop, laptop and tablet computers and ,also, smartphones. All you need is one of these devices and an internet or 3G / 4G connection to be able to keep in touch with family and friends wherever they may be in the world.


Written especially for the over 50s, who may have little experience in using a computer, tablet or smartphone. It explains in plain English how to enjoy and benefit from using Facebook and Twitter with confidence and security. The book also applies to all other age groups.


The first part of the book shows you how to get started with Facebook, enabling you to build up a list of Facebook friends. By entering your personal profile you can make friends with other people having a similar background and interests and exchange news and information.


The book then describes Twitter which allows you to quickly post off short, concise text messages called 'Tweets' for your followers to read and respond to. Followers could include your own family and friends. You may also choose to follow the 'Tweets' of well-known people and celebrities or contribute your views to popular causes and debates.




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